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Tech Leader Talk

Oct 19, 2023

Do you have a strategy for identifying and protecting your company’s most valuable inventions? That’s what I’m discussing on this episode. 

Patent attorneys are important to help prepare patent applications.  But without an appropriate Patent Strategy, you may be missing out on your most important inventions.

A patent strategist works with teams in technology companies to identify, prioritize, and protect the company’s highest value inventions.  An experienced patent strategist also monitors the growth of your patent portfolio to ensure that is provides maximum value to the company and supports the company’s goals.

A well-designed patent strategy can:

1. Provide a Competitive Advantage

2. Attract Investors

3. Retain/Attract Key Employees

4. Offer Peace of Mind

5. Increase Company Valuation

These are important benefits that protect your company’s R&D investment of time and money while also strengthening your team and competitive edge.

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast:

- The importance of a Patent Strategist to tech companies

- A common mistake when thinking about patent applications

- 3-step system (Identify – Evaluate – Protect) to build a valuable patent portfolio

- Patent Strategy Success Study

“Although a patent attorney is important to your business, you also need a patent strategist.” – Steve Sponseller


If you have any questions about designing a patent strategy that builds a valuable patent portfolio, I would be happy to talk with you. 

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