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Tech Leader Talk

Dec 15, 2022

Are you leveraging the data in your business to solve important problems?

Today I am talking with Colette Grail, who is a former Navy pilot and describes herself as a “data and emerging technology geek.”  She is obsessed with ensuring that individuals, leaders, communities, and countries understand data.

During her 30 year career as a U.S. Naval Officer, Colette provided important insights for strategic and tactical decisions.  Based on that experience, she wrote a book on making decisions with Big Data. 

Colette’s book has just been released – the title is:  The Fallacy of Laying Flat.

On today’s episode, Colette and I discuss the differences between Small Data and Big Data.  She also explains how to solve Big Problems with Big Data.

I’m sure you will enjoy my discussion with Colette and the tips and recommendations she shares for your business.

“Data needs to be real time and interactive in order to have relevance and context.” – Colette Grail

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast:

- Important differences between big data and small data

- What motivated you to write the book: The Fallacy of Laying Flat?

- How are big problems solved with big data?

- The 3 Vs of big data

- Ideas for visualizing data

Colette’s Book:  The Fallacy of Laying Flat

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