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Tech Leader Talk

Oct 26, 2023

Would you like some insights on developing strong leaders in the tech industry?  That’s what I’m discussing today with my guest, Kevin Gazzara.

Kevin is a Senior Partner and Instructor at Magna Leadership Solutions.  He is a trusted advisor for executives of small to mid-sized companies that want to create strong leaders within their organization.

Kevin also talks about techniques for developing effective leaders in the technology industry.  These insights are based on Kevin’s 18 years of experience working with Intel.

Kevin shares his thoughts about the importance of taking ownership of a problem and identifying your contribution to the problem.  By taking ownership and reflecting on your own actions, you can create a positive impact within the organization.

During our discussion, Kevin shares information about how leadership training is different in a technology company.

I know you will enjoy our conversation and get some valuable tips to use in your own business.

What I really found out was I love doing the training and development of other leaders.” – Kevin Gazzara

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast:

- Effective techniques for training leaders

- Kevin’s insights from the tech industry

- Setting realistic expectations

- Taking ownership of a problem

- Failing forward fast


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