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Tech Leader Talk

Jan 20, 2022

On this episode, Jayant Chaudhary and I talk about his current work with technology companies.

Jayant is an Innovative CTO who works in the areas of ecommerce, marketing, payments, logistics, and team building.

He has 30 years of technology and leadership experience, and enjoys helping businesses make better technology decisions as they bring in new solutions. He’s been a tech leader at startups and Fortune 50 companies. Jayant has led teams of over 300 people and managed budgets of over $40 million.

Today, he is the CTO of eProxim, which provides technological expertise to solve complex ecommerce and middleware problems.

Most technology projects run into trouble due to a lack of good communication.” – Jayant Chaudhary

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast:

- How to improve communication in tech startups
- The importance of developing trust with your team
- Tips for building a strong ecommerce platform
- How to grow your ecommerce platform as your company grows
- How to build a strong communication system in your organization

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