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Tech Leader Talk

Jun 17, 2021

Shannon is a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Catalyst Constellations.  She has over twenty years of experience working with startups, launching her own ventures, and driving innovation in the world’s largest companies. She is a passionate thought leader about creating sustainable organizations in every sense of the word: for people, planet, and profit.


Shannon is a best-selling author of Move Fast, Break Shit, Burn Out; The Catalyst’s Guide to Working Well.


In her previous roles, as EVP of Emerging Business at Ericsson, Senior Innovation Architect at Cisco’s Hyperinnovation Living Lab, and Director of Innovation at Vodafone Global Enterprise, Shannon empowered Fortune 500 businesses to stay agile, competitive, and sustainable through the adoption of new technologies and organizational structures.


“Catalysts are super dot connectors and move into action quickly.” – Shannon Lucas

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast:

- Why innovation is dependent on company culture

- How to identify Catalysts in your organization

- Techniques for encouraging Catalysts to use their skills to benefit the company

- How to reduce stress and burnout in your team members

Resources Mentioned:

Move Fast. Break Shit. Burn Out. by Shannon Lucas:

Undisruptable by Aidan McCullen:

Essentials for Catalysts Course:

Connect with Shannon Lucas:



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