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Tech Leader Talk

Jun 6, 2024

Can your company benefit from rapid iteration techniques and simulation to quickly develop successful products?

Today I’m talking with Joe Pawelski, who is the Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of CisLunar Industries.

Joe and the team at CisLunar Industries are building and operating space foundries to enable the next industrial revolution.  In particular, he works with in-space metal processing and space debris recycling.

Joe has a passion for figuring out things people say are impossible.  Some of the projects he and the CisLunar team are working on include things that might seem impossible, like turning space debris into propellants and other useful materials.  And, doing this in orbit, not on Earth.

During our discussion, Joe talks about how to test and simulate these projects on earth during the design process.  He also discusses rapid iteration techniques that can be used when developing these types of systems.

Joe shares valuable insights that you can apply in your own tech business.

“We believe that abundant resources in space are a good way to sustain humanity.  We think of ourselves as a sustainable company that’s looking out for the earth.” – Joe Pawelski (CTO of CisLunar Industries)

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast:

- Creating metal propellants from space debris

- How to recycle space debris while in orbit

- Rapid iteration techniques to build better products

- What is ISRU (In-Situ Resource Utilization)

- Designing and building space foundries

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