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Tech Leader Talk

Feb 24, 2022

In this solo episode, I discuss the importance of building a portfolio of patents that provides strong protection, a competitive advantage, and increases your company’s valuation.

This episode covers Step 3 of my 3-step system to identify and protect your most valuable inventions (described in my book, Cracking the Patent Code):

Step 1: Identify All Inventions

Step 2: Evaluate and Prioritize Inventions

Step 3: Protect the Right Inventions

Listen to this episode so you understand how to build a valuable portfolio of patents that provide broad protection for your business.

Create ‘future inventions’ based on today’s industry trends and technology trends.” – Steve Sponseller

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast, I discuss the four categories of patents you want to include in your patent portfolio:

- Core Technology

- Critical Must-Have Features

- Future Inventions

- Defensive Patents


If you have any questions about building a strong portfolio of patents, contact me to schedule a Free Introductory Call so I can help you with your next steps.

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