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Tech Leader Talk

May 27, 2021

On this episode, I have a valuable conversation with Kate DiLeo about her Brand Strategy Process for technology companies.


Kate believes that a brand is the path of least resistance to revenue and she’s passionate about helping organizations create common ground with their customers.


She has worked with over...

May 20, 2021

Now it’s time for something completely different…

On today’s episode, I am being interviewed about my latest book, Cracking the Patent Code.  My friend Mike Wolpert is leading the interview as we discuss the book and details of my 3-step system that identifies and protects a tech company’s most valuable...

May 13, 2021

On this episode, I have a fun discussion with Vaclav Vincalek. 


Vaclav is a technology entrepreneur, CTO, and technology advisor for startups and enterprises.


Vaclav helps companies strategize, innovate, and grow.

His current focus is determining how to best deploy machine learning to support business objectives. ...

May 6, 2021

On today’s podcast episode, I have a wonderful discussion with Toni Collis.


Toni is a keynote speaker, host of the Leading Women in Tech Podcast, career strategist, and leadership coach for Women in Tech.  Having worked in the technology industry and making her way to the C-Suite, she has seen the impact that women...